Monday, July 28, 2008

One mission down. . .

And who knows how many left to go. Yesterday, we returned from our first mission into Iraq. For myself, and the other soldiers of the 129th that went with us, it was meant to be a learning experience. We're learning from the unit that we're replacing, 2nd Trans, and they've been here for almost 15 months. Needless to say, they have no shortage of knowledge to share with us. The one trip North that we got with them taught us quite a bit about what's in store for us in the coming months. Here are just a few pictures from the trip

A picture from just outside of my truck, looking north. This picture was taken at the border crossing into Iraq, known as "K- Crossing."

The trucks all staged in a line at our first stop, Camp Cedar II, located near Tallil, Iraq.

Welcome to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP)

This is what our living quarters are like at BIAP

Just another picture of beautiful Camp Stryker at BIAP.

Getting ready to leave BIAP

Sometimes you just need to catch a cat nap before you leave.

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